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SAVE THE TITANIC™ – charting the course to successful leadership and teamwork

We Are Here to Change that!

Here’s How

Chart a New Course

A growth-oriented experience that keeps your team enthusiastic and heading in the right direction.

Streamlined Navigation

Easy-to-understand leadership and team-building techniques that can be put into action.

Smooth Sailing

Enhance your business without the financial strain as we steer clear of costly solutions.

Resilient Leaders

Boost team productivity and accountability through enhanced leadership skills and ownership of impact.

Personal Growth

Encourage personal growth and development for both individuals and the team as a whole.

Team Synergy

Foster better teamwork and collaboration among your crew, improving overall performance.


Improve the team's ability to tackle challenges and make informed decisions for overall business growth.

Guaranteed Results

Our 4X ROI guarantee is anchored by the $750 billion in economic impact.

Inspiring Captains and Courageous Crew

Experience Titanic Transformation:

United Teams, Empowered Leadership

Titanic Transformation

Imagine learning and team building on the deck of the Titanic. It's thrilling, engaging, and unforgettable.

Excite Your Team

We ditch the boring, traditional methods and bring you an engaging journey that unites your team and boosts leadership skills.

The Immersion Advantage

Our immersive experience empowers your team to tackle challenges, smash through business targets, and grasp opportunities as a united force.

Worth The Voyage

With 30+ years under our belt and a roaring 92% recommendation rate, we promise an extraordinary transformation in leadership and teamwork!

Choose Your Adventure!

We know you're curious, and curiosity is a good thing. That's why we've got three demo options for you to choose from:

1 captain demo FREE

Take it for a spin solo, free of charge. No strings attached!

6 person experience FREE

Rally five colleagues from different departments or teams and dive into the program together – on the house!

6 person pilot High Impact coaching for program manager

Get the full experience and business impact with…our high impact coaching for Captain… Absolutely Free.

Your epic journey toward transformative leadership and teamwork starts right here.

Previous Voyages

SYBASE – Corporate University

SYBASE – Corporate University

Port Of Origin
Corporate Learning & Development calendar offered only instructor-led training options.
Port Of Call
Save the Titanic™ revealed blind-spots and insights of leaders and team members. Following a 100% recommend rate, Sybase added more and more dates.
After Arrival
900% increase in enrolment. Over 96% recommend rate of Sybase.
Board of Thunder Bay Regional Health Services

Board of Thunder Bay Regional Health Services

Port Of Origin
Senior Leadership Team challenged by lack of alignment over devising a strategic plan.
Port Of Call
Experienced Save the Titanic™ as a leadership crew. Reviewed video of their performance, highlighting blind spots and insights. Aligned on altering leadership behaviors.
After Arrival
96% completion of goals for 5 year strategic plan and budget.
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Port Of Origin
Silos working at cross-purposes in fast-paced media environment undergoing rapid change.
Port Of Call
Leaders and teams in participant-driven experiences explored the impact of fixed vs. growth mindsets, identified root causes, and generated group-wide solutions.
After Arrival
Rapid 40% sales growth. 20+% reduction in wasted time and effort. 20+% increase in share price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Save The Titanic is designed to benefit teams of various sizes and industries. It can be tailored to meet the unique needs of your team.

The program’s duration can vary based on your preferences. It can be conducted in a location of your choice, including on-site or virtually.

There are no specific prerequisites. The program is designed to accommodate team members at various levels, from beginners to experienced professionals.

Yes, Save The Titanic can be customized to focus on specific challenges your team is encountering. The program is highly adaptable to your unique needs.

Participants typically experience improved leadership skills, enhanced teamwork, increased problem-solving abilities, and a positive impact on overall team performance.

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